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Upgrade Your Amenities

Envoy's electric car sharing service is an exclusive amenity for apartments, offices, or hotels.

It's convenient, affordable, and on-demand via the Envoy Mobility car sharing  app. 

All the perks of owning a car without the hassle of payments, insurance, maintenance, and cleaning.

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Under Water

Property Manager

"Envoy is one of our top amenities. 
A lot of our residents do not own a car so envoy comes in handy.
I’ve had Residents move in from other states even countries and they think it’s completely amazing and love that we offer this as an amenity."

Resort Manager

"We are very happy to get this program going for our owners and guests.
Everyone has loved it, even the staff are excited.
We're already planning to add more EV Chargers so we can expand the service"

Envoy Customer

"I rented car for the entire day, and it was wonderful. It was my first time driving an EV, so I was wondering how it would do going over the Pali...  It drove like a dream. 

Also wanted to mention that the process was effortless!!!


Now you have me considering getting rid of my car and only using Envoy!!!!"

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